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Brother Ajamu Baraka at the Encuentro of Afrodescendientes- Caracas

Ajamu Baraka, Human Rights activist, speaking on the 4th Encuentro of Afrodescendientes in Caracas, Venezuela June 19th - 23rd, 2011.


Atlanta Citizens Confront Cong. John Lewis Over Support For Unjust War in Libya

On Wed. June 29 a delegation of mostly local citizens, some recently returned from Libya and including former Rep. Cynthia McKinney called a press conference in front of Congressman John Lewis's downtown Atlanta office. They demanded to know why Lewis, reputedly a "man of peace" cast votes enabling the bombing of civilians in Libya.

The Congressman met with some of them afterward and pledged to not support any further military adventures in Libya. The local groups involved look forward to visiting the offices of other Georgia congressmen to persuade them to refrain from supporting the illegal and unjust US military intervention in Libya.


     Egypt, Tunisia Black America: Same Struggle/Same Fight!

 Egypt's Future Activist

African Americans must closely watch, learn from, and support the people’s demands and struggles in the North African countries of Tunisia and Egypt, as they represent a growing movement of people’s resistance in that region and continent against decades of U.S. supported dictatorial and oppressive governments.

The ongoing rebellions of the youth, worker strikes and women’s demand for equality and democracy in those countries are more than just the demand for an elected government. 

Who knows better than Black people inside of the U.S., who –for centuries- have lived, worked and resisted as enslaved people denied basic democratic and human rights under an elected government? Today, even with an African American President, we are seeing the major banks and corporations -the very beneficiaries of the wealth and power accumulated from slavery; continue to extract trillions from the U.S. government as they direct U.S. foreign policies that provide billions annually to support repressive governments, wars and occupations throughout globe. Meanwhile, these major banks, corporations and the government fail to provide for the basic needs and human rights of the masses inside the U.S.

 We must not be fooled into believing that the U.S. government’s calls for democracy seek change that empowers the oppressed masses. History shows that the U.S. government never supported true people’s democracy anywhere at anytime!

Real changes initiated and led by the oppressed masses must happen to transform the actual power relations at all levels of the economic, social and governmental institutions so that there can be an elected peoples democracy.

As we work hard to support the people’s revolutions in North Africa and the Middle East, we must also demand that the U.S. respond to the people’s demands for democracy in countries where the U.S. government played a direct role in overthrowing the elected government. Haiti is a clear case in point.

 The people in Haiti have been demanding the return of President Aristide, who was elected by an overwhelming majority of the Haitian people. The U.S. military forcibly moved President Aristide out of Haiti to another country, and then set up military rule in Haiti to facilitate the sham election of a U.S. controlled president.

As we struggle inside of the U.S. against corporate controlled government actions that are responsible for the massive unemployment, the budget crisis of the states and cities, the massive education cutbacks, the cuts in vital social programs and attacks on pensions that workers worked hard for to support themselves and their families in retirement, there is the direct link between U.S. support for oppressive governments globally and the oppression of Black and working people inside of the U.S.

African Americans must show our support for the peoples struggles worldwide against oppression and the denial of human rights by mobilizing the masses inside of the U.S. to fight for true people’s democracy that empowers the masses right here in the USA!

Sisters and Brothers, we should follow the examples of the Tunisian and Egyptian peoples of pressing forward until real democratic change is won. For they have taken the African Liberation Struggle to the next level!

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