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US Poverty: The Black Face

US capitalism and racism has persistently ground down Blackfolk into the depths of poverty. While the corporate media talks of the 2008-2010 Recession as being over, the Second Great Depression is just beginning for Black America. This short video documents just a small section of the Black Face of US Poverty.

And as you can see in the documentary, our folks are responding with much needed aide and ORGANIZING. Building  unity among Black Left forces will help not only rekindle the Black Liberation Fire, but will also help further aide those millions of Sisters and Brothers who are currently reeling from the deepening impoverishment of a capitalist system in deep protracted crises.


DA PITTSburgh:

America's Most Livable City has the Poorest Black Community in the USA

Author: Jasiri X 

28 Jul 2011 

Ironic isn’t it.

Last year Forbes Magazine ranked Pittsburgh at the top of it’s list of, “Americas Most Livable Cities“.

“Indeed, Pittsburgh’s art scene, job prospects, safety and affordability make it the most livable city in the country, according to measures studied.”

The same year the US Census said the black community in Pittsburgh is the countries poorest.

“According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the Pittsburgh region has the highest rate of poverty among working-age African-Americans of any of the 40 largest metropolitan regions in the country.”

We explored this…uh…phenomenon in our recent video, appropriately titled, “America’s Most Livable City








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